Nowadays, gambling and betting are heavily regulated and supervised by official regulatory bodies, but every once in a while someone manages to make a scandal that doesn’t really comply with the regulations.

The MIT Blackjack Team Scandal

One of the most famous scandals related to casino games in the world includes a group called the MIT Blackjack Team. This team consisted of students and ex-students who attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were famous for coming up with sophisticated cheating strategies in blackjack that included upgraded card counting techniques. They had been successfully operating for more than two decades and even managed to popularize their strategies, resulting in many other similar teams being formed around the world.

Phil Ivey’s Edge Sorting Scandal

One of the most interesting casino scandals has actually happened quite recently and involved a poker legend Phil Ivey. It seems that Ivey hadn’t been satisfied with earning millions by playing great in poker tournaments, so he started visiting casinos and playing card games, mainly focusing on blackjack and baccarat.

He came up with a technique called ‘edge sorting’ where players remember edges of cards and trick the dealer into turning the deck around, usually by referring to the luck factor. Ivey was soon discovered, but he managed to earn a couple of million dollars by doing his magic. Nevertheless, his technique was proclaimed illegal, and the trial process is still underway.

The Crown Casino Scandal

Technology has helped many casinos secure everything, but even the latest pieces of technological advancement can sometimes fall victim to skilful hackers, one of them being an unknown person (or a group of people) who managed to hack into the surveillance system in the Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia. The attacker managed to steal A$33 million, and nobody knows how the entire heist played out in the end, nor what the identities of the participants are. One of the casino officials stated that the hacker must have used an earpiece and placed bets at VIP tables.

The Chicago Black Sox Scandal

The Chicago black sox scandal happened back in 1919, and its protagonists were players from the Chicago White Socs baseball club. It was a period of the US when lawlessness took its tall, so it’s no wonder that this scandal happened in 1919. Many players who played for the White Sox accepted bribes in order to set up matches. A year after that, two players called Shoeless Joe Jackson and Eddie Cicotte appeared in front of the Chicago Grand Jury and admitted that they had been involved in the scheme.

The 2006 Italian Football Scandal

One of the biggest scandals happened in 2006 when top professional football teams were accused of being a part of the scheme where matches were set up. Teams from both Italian Serie A and Serio B, including the giants such as Juventus, Milan, Lazio, Reggina, and Fiorentina, were debunked for their misconduct and punished properly. Punishments included relegation to the lower league, huge fines, points deduction, and more. Juventus, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, was relegated to Serie B and deducted 9 points at the start of the season.


Gambling and betting scandals are not a pleasant thing to happen, and every once in a while they shake the industry up. People come up with many innovative ways to cheat and set games; however, they are missing the point of gambling — to have fun and enjoy the ride. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to hear about these scandals that happen from time to time.